Patient Information

Office Hours

Consultations and pain management procedures are performed during normal business hours Monday thru Friday at Jeanes Hospital and one day a week at the Holy Redeemer Surgical Center.  For more information, please call our office at 215-725-7600. A staff member is always available to address patient questions or concerns during normal business hours listed below.  For medical emergencies during non-business hours, please go to the nearest emergency room.

Scheduling and Patient Information:
Monday - Friday: 8:30am to 5:30pm
Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 8:30am to 4:30pm
Monday - Friday: 8:30am to 5:30pm

Scheduling Policy/Procedure

Reddy and Associates is a referral based practice that specializes in interventional procedures for pain management.  Patients are typically sent to us by their primary physician, orthopedist or other specialist with a prescription for a specific injection.  Patients that do not have a prescription may schedule a consultation with Dr. Reddy, who will evaluate whether you are a candidate for injections.  At present Dr. Reddy does not manage pain medication or offer physical therapy.

Patients who call to schedule an appointment should be prepared to provide demographic and insurance information.  If your pain is a result of a work or auto accident, please have the claim and attorney information on hand if applicable.  Our office will inquire about any studies of the affected area, such as an MRI, CT, or X-ray.  We will also need to know if you are on any blood thinners as these need to be stopped prior to an injection.  Please see the section on blood thinners for more information.

Before Your Appointment

Our office will instruct you how to prepare for your appointment at the time of scheduling.  Typically  patients can eat and drink as normal prior to a procedure unless sedation is scheduled, in which case you must fast 8 hours prior to the appointment (medications may be taken with a small sip of water).  Patients receiving sedation must also have a driver with them on the day of the procedure.

First time patients and those who have not seen us in over a year will receive a call from our nurse for a brief medical history and pain assessment prior to your visit .  The nurse will also confirm the date, time and location of your appointment and answer any questions you may have before your arrival.  Patients are asked to arrive 30 minutes prior to their appointment time for outpatient procedures  and 15 minutes prior for office consultations.  Patients having a procedure at Jeanes Hospital will be pre-registered and do not need to stop at admissions.

Patient Forms

To save time on the day of your appointment you may complete these forms prior to your visit.   If you have any questions our staff will be happy to assist you when you arrive.

First time patients and patients who have not seen us in over a year should fill out the Pain Assessment form. These patients should also read our Privacy Notice and print, sign and date page 6.  Please bring the forms with you to your appointment.

After the Procedure

Patients will be given take home instructions to follow after the procedure and can usually resume all normal activity the next day.  The doctor will call within 1-2 days to make sure there were no complications and our nurse will follow-up in a week to assess the level of relief received from the injection.  While our goal is to provide relief to all our patients, it is important to remember that pain management injections work differently for everyone.  Some patients receive adequate relief on the first attempt, while others may require a repeat injection or different type of injection.  Patients are typically allowed up to 3 injections in a six-month period; however this varies on an individual basis at the doctor’s discretion.  The doctor will work with you and your referring physician to help determine the best treatment plan for you.

Insurance Policy

Patients are responsible for providing complete and accurate insurance information at the time of scheduling.  Patients are also responsible for obtaining referrals from their primary care physician before the appointment day if required by their insurance. Our office will take care of obtaining prior authorization from your insurance carrier if applicable.

Co-pays and/or deductibles for outpatient procedures will be billed to the patient by mail after we bill your insurance.  Specialist co-pays will be collected up front for patients seen in the office setting. Our office accepts cash, personal checks, Visa, MasterCard and Discover.  Payments can be made through the mail, in-person, or over the phone by calling our office.   Please note that physician billing for our practice is separate from facility billing for Jeanes Hospital and the ambulatory centers we service.  We strongly encourage patients to verify benefits and eligibility with their insurance carriers prior to their appointment.

Below is a list of participating insurances. Click here to download the participating insurances along with their criteria.

  • Aetna
  • Amerihealth
  • Blue Shield
  • Bravo
  • Cigna
  • Health Partners
  • Keystone Health Plan East
  • Keystone Mercy Health Plan
  • Medicare Part B
  • Personal Choice
  • Railroad Medicare
  • TriCare
  • United Healthcare
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents

For Patients on Blood Thinners

Below is a list of common anti-coagulants (blood thinners) that need to be stopped prior to a procedure.  We advise all patients to check with their ordering physician before stopping any medication.

Ticlid (Ticlopidine) Stop 14 days prior to procedure
Pletal Stop 7 days prior to procedure
Plavix (Clopidogrel) Stop 7 days prior to procedure
Effient Stop 7 days prior to procedure
Coumadin (Warfarin) Stop 5 days prior to procedure. Patients must also have their blood drawn at the lab on the 2nd floor of the hospital 1 hour prior to the procedure time.
Pradaxa Stop 3 days prior to procedure
Ebtifibatide Stop 24-48 hours prior to procedure
Reopro Stop 24-48 hours prior to procedure
Lovenox Stop 24-48 hours prior to procedure
Persantine Stop 24 hours prior to procedure
Aggrenox Stop 24 hours prior to procedure
Heparin (subcutaneous) Do not take the day of the procedure
Aspirin and NSAIDS Individual consideration

In Case of Emergency

Please call our office during normal business hours in the event of an emergency.  For medical emergencies during non-business hours please go to the nearest emergency room.

Cancellation Policy

Our office requires 24-hour notice of cancellation for outpatient procedures and office consultations.  Due to limited appointment availability and high patient demand we will not be able to schedule patients who repeatedly fail to give adequate notice.

Records Request

Procedure and consultation notes are sent to the referring physician’s office electronically within 1 business day. We can also send reports to your primary care physician or other treating specialist upon request. Patients who wish to obtain report copies for their personal file may do so by completing a records release permission form and submitting a request to our office. Please note that a nominal copying and postage fee may apply. Please inquire with our office for more information.

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